Summary of Units

Common Core39 units
Additional required GE21 units
Additional GE & American Institutions27 units
Health Informatics Emphasis24 units
Electives9 units
Total120 units

Common Core (39)

Complete 2 units of the following:


Health Informatics Emphasis (24)

Electives (9)

Complete at least 9 units of courses. At least two courses should be selected from the elective courses under the general option of the Health Science degree program.

* The Emphases could be completed as independent Certificate programs. 

Additional Required Supporting GE (21)

Additional GE and American Institutions Courses (27)

  • General Education not included in the major (21 units, categories A2, A3, B3 or B4, C1, C2, C3a, C3b)
  • Six of the nine units of upper-division interdisciplinary General Education are included in the requirements for the major.
  • American Institutions (6)